General FAQ

What is 6079?

6079 is a movement to protect the freedom of intelligence. At our core, we have developed a Proof of Inference Protocol (PoIP) to assist with the advancement of independent, decentralized artificial intelligence.

The 6079 Proof of Inference protocol will serve as a decentralized foundation for AI inference, enabling large-scale, trustless coordination of AI compute tasks. It will provide a secure and efficient method for verifying the integrity of AI computations across distributed networks. This allows for the optimization of resources and enhances accessibility to AI technologies, ensuring that advanced AI applications can be run effectively by a wide range of users and developers in various sectors.

What is the belief/purpose/mission of 6079?

  • Belief: We believe every person should be free to think without limits.

  • Purpose: To bring unity and leadership to the decentralized AI movement.

  • Mission: To make Independent AI the global standard.

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