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What is XP and what is good for?

XP is how we measure the contributions and commitment of our community members to the ideals of 6079 and the Free Think Manifesto. We are encouraging not only a new way of thinking about artificial intelligence, but also a revolution for those who believe in freedom of intelligence. XP stands in testament to your early contributions and strong commitment to 6079 and its ideals.

What types of XP will be available to earn?

There are four categories of XP that users will be able to earn:

  • SXP (Social XP) is earned currently by participating on our website.

  • GXP (Game XP) can only be earned by playing our upcoming game (TBA).

  • LXP (Lending XP) will be earned by lending ETH to our upcoming capital contract.

  • RXP (Referral XP) is earned by referring others to the 6079 XP campaign.

How do I get paid my XP?

Your XP accrues on the website and is automatically associated with your Profile. Different tasks are available that can earn XP by visiting the Quests dashboard, and upon successful completion of a task you will receive XP.

How does the referral system work?

You will get points based on the total XP of those you invite. You get +16% of the bonus points from those who use your referral code, and +8% when their invites earn points.

How many referrals can I give?

You are encouraged to refer as many people to 6079 as you like. Each new referral will grant you a percentage of the XP earned by those you refer and that of subsequent users referred by your referrals.

What are the variables that go into my XP score?

Base points are earned through tasks related to the RXP, SXP, LXP, and GXP categories, but tasks related to Social XP (SXP) may be augmented based on your Profile’s connection to different multipliers.

What are multipliers?

You can get Social XP (SXP) multipliers on for holding these NFTs:

  • Tier 1: ALPHi Founders Pass = 3.5x

  • Tier 2: Quirkies, BAYC, Moonbirds, NodeMunkes, CryptoPunks, 0N1 FORCE: THE F4LL3N = 2.5X

  • Tier 3: MAYC, Creepz, Sappy Seals, Quirklings, Plague, Pizza Artifacts, B3L B3ASTS, Mythics, 0N1 FORCE = 1.25X

Multipliers only stack if you have one of each tier. Having one of all three results in a 4X multiplier.

What happens if I miss a mission?

Don’t be discouraged–our team will have plenty of missions for you to champion the cause of #FREETHINK in the coming days. If you miss a mission, there will be plenty of other opportunities to earn XP.

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